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Gold items you can sell for cash

Gold buying companies acquire an assortment of gold goodies from their customers like coins, rings, necklaces and bracelets. However, lots of them also buy other products. A good gold buyer will also buy your silver and diamonds.

This guide will tell you the items you can sell to scrap gold buyers. Just be sure to use our excellent gold price comparison service before you sell.

Old and Broken Gold

As well as accepting intact rings, necklaces and bracelets (for example), many gold buyers will also accept old and broken gold and silver items. If your rings have lost their stones and your necklaces have got tangled over the years then don’t worry. Gold buyers do not mind and will happily buy them from you. 


Lots of people compare silver and gold and wrongly assume that although silver is attractive and pretty in jewellery pieces, there is no point trying to get some cash for it because compared to gold it has little value. Well silver is now a worthwhile contender in the market.

Silver coins are increasingly being seen as a worthwhile investment option. However it's not just silver coins and jewellery that can generate revenue. Some buyers not only consider these items but also tableware, brooches, vespas and letter trophies. Sell silver to the right buyer and you could really profit.

Ornaments and Tableware

It’s not just jewellery that can fetch you a cash payment; you can also sell things like silver or gold letter openers, cutlery, trophies, cigarette cases and lighters. Some gold buyers are flexible with regards to what they buy.


We love our diamonds, the way they glisten, catch the light and the way they look in our valued jewellery pieces. However, like silver and gold, many people have diamonds they no longer want, this can equate to a lot of potential cash being tied up. Some gold buying companies will also allow you to sell diamonds for cash and will give you a good price for them - provided you use our service to ascertain who the best payers are! See which gold buyers are willing to buy diamonds for cash.

Dental Gold

Are you about to have a gold crown removed? Keep it! It could be worth some money. Many people sell gold teeth and artefacts and find they get a far better deal than they thought they would.

Foreign Gold Coins

Some Gold Buyers will pay you for your Pesos, Krugerrands and Sovereigns.

So there you are. There could be valuable money locked inside your unwanted jewellery, brooches, silver tableware and even your old teeth! Let find the right gold buyer for you, we want you to get the best price for gold. For more information please feel free to explore other areas of our site which are designed to help you get the best deal for your gold.

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