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Top Tips for Selling Gold

Selling your gold has never been easier.

Due to the current high price of gold there are many gold buying companies which are all vowing to give you a generous payment for your gold and promising a service that is exemplary in every way. In 2010, even Tesco joined the market. However, it can be difficult to ascertain if you are selling your gold to the right gold buyer. We are here to help you find the best company to sell your gold to.

Here are some top tips to help you on your way.

Top Tip: Always do your research!

1 - Create a shortlist of gold buyers

We’ve kind of done this research for you (see our cash for gold comparison table with the top UK gold buyers compared), but if you want to do this yourself try and find out about their returns and grievance policy as well as what items you can sell for cash and the likely pay out.

Look for answers to questions like these:

  • Does the gold buyer give you the chance to refuse their offer before melting down your gold? If no, strike them off your list now.

  • Do they offer a calculator to value your gold online? Be careful when you look at these calculators. In most cases there are deductions made for refining and shipping. So the calculator doesn't always give you a true representation of the offer you might recieve. Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions of the buyer.

  • What do other customers say about the gold buyer? Check for recent customer reviews about the gold buyer.

  • Does the gold buyer have any affiliation with trusted companies or endorsed by comarison sites like us.

2 - Check the added extras

Whilst you’ll be choosing a gold buyer mainly on price it is also worth considering the added extras.

  • Does your shortlist of gold buyers insure your gold when you send it?

  • Can you earn any extra cash by selling your gold? For instance, are there other opportunities via cash prize draws, referral income or cash back from the gold buyer?

  • How will you be contacted? Opt for a gold buyer who has many channels for communicating with them in case you have a problem and need to get in touch instantly. Try calling them before you send your gold to be sure that they are easily contactable. 

3 - Create a paper trail

Once you have chosen your gold buyer, keep any emails or letters they send you or that you send them. If they phone you, ask them to confirm what they’ve offered by sending you an email with the details. Also, make sure youobtain and keep your proof of postage reciept from the Post Office.

4 - Don't accept if you are not happy

Don’t be pressured into selling if you’re not happy with your offer, calmly state that you are unhappy with your offer and would like the gold to be returned to you. If you have checked out the returns and grievance policy of the gold buyer like we suggested in tip 1, you shouldn’t have any trouble here.

Bowing to pressure means you can’t enjoy a better offer from a good gold buyer who pays the best gold prices.

Or if you are not happy with the price but you still want to sell your gold, why don’t you try and ask for more. In some cases the Gold Buyer might be able to pay you slightly more to save themselves the cost of returning the items to you.


Hopefully these tips will help you find the right gold buyer for you.

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